Healthy Monday Check-In!

Well, after one week of going wheat & sugar free, I lost 4.5 pounds...but the shocking thing? I lost ONE INCH off my waist. In ONE week. I guess it's true what they say about the bloat you get in the middle from gluten. Wahoo! I am about 12 pounds away from my wedding goal, and I am feeling confident that I can do it. I am most excited about that inch, though... I need that for my dress!

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    I've lost 10 lbs over the course of 4 months due to my switch to whole grains, lowfat, low sodium and a couple occasional vigarous work outs during the week. Nothing really to brag about, my wieght loss has been slow but steady. Although I think I might have gained a couple pounds yesterday at my daughters 1st birthday party. It was a BBQ so I  had a burger, BBQ pulled pork, cake and even soda pop! Yikes! Oh well, I plan to work it off today!
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    That inch is pretty awesome! I have zero discipline to go gluten/sugar free... you go girl! And I would say 10 pounds over 4 months is pretty great!

    No weight loss, but consistency with working out. FI and I did a Saturday Boot Camp at the training studio where we train. It was great!!!

    Also, can I share the bliss of No Pudge Brownie Mix? Brilliant. And only 110 calories for a piece :o)
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