Best place to get a spray tan (south king area)

I want to get a spray tan for the wedding but have no idea where to go.  Anyone done one and have any reccomendations?  Not even sure what all it entails to get one!  LOL

I live in Tacoma so some place in my area would be great.  Thanks! :)

Re: Best place to get a spray tan (south king area)

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    I don't trust people to do it.. people mess up...
    I would suggest Desert Sun Tanning or any place that has the machine. As long as you make sure to moisturize your dry areas really well (knuckles, elbos, knees) the machine gives you a flawless all over spray tan (and yes, don't be afraid to scrub scrub scrub down afterward.. the stuff has already set, andthing left wet on your bod is just left over that will cause streaks)
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    If you do Desert Sun Tanning, try to find a location that has a Versa Spa vs. Mystic (although there's a new mystic version that's supposed to be good, I haven't tried it yet).

    Other than that, not sure about anything in Tacoma. Have you checked yelp? 
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    I second the Versa spa.  Way better than the mystic I did a few years ago!  Also, try it out before your wedding.  There are three levels and you might find one too light or too dark.
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    I definitely prefer the Versa Spa over Mystic. You can do a clear coat with Versa so it doesn't stain your clothes. and it has a built in air blower to dry you off, which Mystic does not. Desert Sun is a good place for it as well as Seattle Sun Tan (they should have locations in South King). You can do unlimited Versa for $49.99/month which also includes Level 1 and 2 beds. Pretty cool! Hope that helps!
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