Wedding Woes


H saw a post from a mutual friend on facebook regarding gun control, mental illness and whatnot after CT shooting.

He felt it necessary to engage the OP in discussion about misinformation surrounding guns and all that it entails (or actually a very small portion of the actual topic).  I wonder how this will play out?

Probably okay, since people will ignore him.  Ha.

Re: Oh FB

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    it'll blend in nicely with all the other posts on FB about the exact same thing.
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    Exactly, WZ.  Exxxxactly.

    He can't tell everyone they're wrong, because you know what?  They don't care.  PERIOD.  They feel the way they feel...and that is that.
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    I had to change my FB settings to hide my brother's posts from my wall. I wish there was some sort of "hide all political posts" option.

    P.S. This is my first non-wedding-related comment...I've read enough posts to realize you guys have been here awhile...kinda feel like I just walked in on someone's lunch table lol.
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