Wedding Woes

My aunt, God bless her

My cousin (S) came with the new baby the night before last. Aunt says, "Oh, look. S has hips and a little butt now. You're even starting to get some ninnybells (breasts)."

S says, "Grandma, Hooka got some too, look at her filling her clothes out now."

Aunt: "Psh, those are some cowbells."

Yesterday, my cousin M calls me last night and we were talking about S. M says she can't imagine that S was even having sex to have a baby. I told her about something that happened with S when she was 9/10, so I'm not stunned at all.

M: "Whaaaaaaaaat? I come from a family from a family full of undercover sneak-a-freaks."

I hollered at my desk.

"I would be sad if sex was only about the climax, lame." Someone who is obviously doing it wrong
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