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FI and I are really excited about this one venue.  I haven't heard of many people being married there before.  We took a look at the contract they provided and it's very basic.  It has info about the times, fees, decor, rooms that can be booked, a decent cancellation policy, and parking.  However, it doesn't say anything about date change, inclusion of tables and chairs (which are included), "acts of god", or remodeling/construction.  I'm a little worried that this stuff should be in writing.  

Does anyone have a sample venue contract for a venue that allows all outside vendors (food, alchi, decor, linens, etc.)?  Or maybe a sample amendment that you added to your venue's contract to cover stuff that might have been missing?


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    If ti doesn't say anything about Acts of God, etc, I would take that as a good thing - most the contracts I saw released the venue from responsibilities should such an act occur.  I actually had my venue change their contract so even with an Act of God they are responsible for getting my canopy, tables, chairs, etc.  The thing that worries me that you've described is when they say tables, linens, chairs are included, but it's not in the contract.  If you are concerned about possibly needing to change the date, that is also something I would add in to the contract. 
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    Mine was pretty basic, but its the City of Seattle, so I didn't think it was a big deal.
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    I would definately have them add the linens chairs and tables included. I'd also ask them about alcohol and have that added.  I agree with Tygirl about the acts of god not being in there. That seems to be a good thing to me.
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    If there's anything you want/need them to commit to that isn't in the contract, you can request that it be added.  Esp. the stuff you've talked about verbally, but isn't in the contract.  So that would include things like out clauses if you change the date (although they may not agree to this without you losing some or all of your deposit).  Also, you may want it to address food, tables, linens, and alcohol - what they have on-site that you can use and what you can bring in from whomever you want.

    Think about the contract as the written version of the agreement between you and the vendor.  If it doesn't say everything they're agreeing to do, and everything you're agree to do (and pay!), then it should.  But it doesn't have to say everything in the world - if you haven't agreed to what will happen in the event of a date change, then that may not be a part of the conract, same with an act of God.
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