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If I invite kids that are part of my family do I have to invite my friends children as well? 

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    *Barbie**Barbie* member
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    1) you can invite whoever you want, but just be prepared for people to be upset when you didn't invite their kids but they see other kids at the wedding.

    2) also, be prepared to deal with the consequences if you get rsvps back from couples that include their kids on the response as well. you'll either have to just bite the bullet and include the kids, or call and let them know that their kids weren't invited. If you call and the parents come anyways, please see #1. 

    3) why are you inviting some kids and not others? just curious. 

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    DG1DG1 member
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    What Barbie said.

    I don't really understand the logic of inviting some kids and not others. Either you're worried that kids will shriek through your ceremony and spill food all over the dance floor or you're not.  Children who are related to you are just as likely to do these things as children who are not related to you. 

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    TheDuckisTheDuckis member
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    I totally see the logic of inviting some children but not others. Nieces and nephews or young cousins may be close with the bride and groom. Co-workers' step-kids, not so much. There's also a huge difference between having 5 children at your wedding and having 55 children at your wedding. Even well behaved kids will act like they're on a playground in a group that size.

    As with all guests, as long as you have a logical cut off such as nieces and nephews only or babies still being breastfed, you should be able to avoid offending most people. Other people will always be offended that little Jimmy wasn't invited, but they'll be offended even if there are zero children there.
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    I'm only inviting my sisters kids to the wedding and the one out of town guests kid. I can completely understand not having other kids. I've already told many people that I'm not allowing kids to the reception and I'm having a babysitter for the ceremony. I took the easy way out though and told them my reception hall doesn't have kid meals. If they are unhappy they can't bring the kids they dont have to come.
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    The only kids who will be at our wedding are my FI's daughters, my niece and 2 nephews and my FI's nephew.  Ours is not a kid-wedding and all my friends understood.  I had one question asking that from a friend and let her know.  She was perfectly fine with it.  I think it is perfectly understandable to invite family members but make a cut off at friends' kids.  If we had invtied all our friends' kids it would have added about 30 more people to our guest list, which we did not want nor could afford.  If my FI and I got a wedding invitation addressed to the two of us we would not assume it also included the kids.
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