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Should I send her the casting application for 16 & Pregnant?

 met this guy Matt at a party in late September, his friend told me he was interested in me and he found me on Facebook, he then gave me his number and we've been hanging out since but I feel like we don't actually talk and get to know each other enough. We look like a couple to other people because we always hold hands, were always kissing, he pays for everything, always smokes me up, we engage in sexual activities and I almost lost my virginity to him but we had no condom and we both agreed not to do it without one.

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What does "always smoke me up" mean?

Last night he met my dad for the first time, he even dressed up and put effort into it and my bestfriend told me at a party he was asking her and his friend's parents for advice on what to do when he meets my parents because they're strict. I'm confused though, when people ask us if were going out we both kind of deny it.

At a Halloween party a drunk kid asked me if I was his girlfriend while I was sitting on his lap, I didn't know what to say so I just acted dumb and was like "What?" while he kept going on about how Matt needs a nice girl and I seem like a nice girl for him. Then last night at a friend's party we were sitting on a bed and a girl asked if we were going out, it was obvious I heard her but I didn't answer and kinda looked away and after a couple seconds I heard him say "uhmm" and then "nah".
I don't care if he just wants to hook up, but I'd rather know now before I start to develop really strong feelings for him and I don't want to ask him. I'm not even sure if I want a relationship but I still couldn't take the rejection if he doesn't want one. Maybe he does want a relationship and he's too shy to tell other people we are going out because I haven't said we are first? Is he just a horny 19 year old or does he actually want to be with me?! It's awkward not knowing where I stand but I can't bring myself to just ask him.

Re: Should I send her the casting application for 16 & Pregnant?

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