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It's genetic

I went to the daycare for lunch.  Tank was sleep, Pink Ninja was not, usually the opposite is true.  I take her and ask her what book she wants before naptime.  She picks up a book about sharks.

Me:  Are you sure you want this book and not the quackity quack book?  This book is a bit scarey.

PN: No, I want this book, lets go.

Me: are you sure?

PN: I want this book, read it

NOw, this is the second day in a row she wanted to read this book.  This book talks about the different types of sharks and what they eat.  It talks about how some of these sharks eat people in water that is only waist high and how other sharks can swallow a whole seal in one bite.  It has an illustration of a shark chasing a seal and the seal looks scared.

Now, I have spared my children from my facination with gross things so this just how she is built.  Tank rather read about trucks.

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