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s/o religion a wiccan question

Do wicaans pray?  I really know nothing about this religion, but sil says she's wiccan.  Then she'll turn around and say she's sending a prayer to God and heaven for whatever.  I know I can't ask her in any sort of respectful way.  Even if I did manage it, she'd take it in the wrong way so I've never bothered to ask.

Re: s/o religion a wiccan question

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    Yes, some do. They don't pray to a Christian God but depending on their personal belief they pray to spirits or just a general high power. Some people pray to have the "positive energy" out there.
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    some of the foilks I know  who are wiccan  tend to use phrasing like 'keeping you in the light' for "I'll pray for you", but they do pray--not always to the traditional, big G, motheistic God though.  

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    Okay, thanks.  For some reason she can take any question into a personal attack from me.  One more, do they go to any type of services? 
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    The few that did 'services' were more likely to have a...Damnit, I'm going to sound like I"m talking out my ass here because I don't have names for things....'gathering' that didn't feel a thing like church.

    So...a solstice festival where they held hands and chanted something and picked flowers...then had a bonfire and danced all night (with the bonfire and dancing not being 'religious' at all--the chant thing was some sort of ceremony I don't remember). 
    And 'handfasting' as the wedding ceremony

    I do NOT claim that that's normal, I have no idea and my sample size is to small to have a clue if it is.
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    I know ESquared performs various ceremonies in her own home at her own altar, but as far as I know she doesn't have any formal ceremonies with a group.

    There is a Univeralist church here in town that invites all communities, including atheists and wiccans to participate.  They is a wiccan group and they do formal ceremonies on specific days religious to them.
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    Hmmm, thanks guys.  I've been wondering if she's legit in this or if she just thinks it's cool.  Like I said, she tends to be hypersensitive to me so I don't know how to ask.  In this case she would have a reason to think I was questioning her beliefs.
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    Adding to Varuna's post - I think a lot of Unitarian churches, especially in larger ares, will have pagan groups that gather regularly and celebrate specific significant days.

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    If you have any other questions, you could page Handfast4m3 on the second weddings board.  One of our DD's and her husband are Pagan and we knew nothing about it.  She was very helpful when they got engaged a few years ago.
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