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Something I didn't know about Teen Mom 2

Chelsea's dad is a dentist.  I've always wondered what he did that he could come home every time she called him crying.

Re: Something I didn't know about Teen Mom 2

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    Oh....Well, he did say he couldn't be with her if she scheduled her sugery for that day and she did and he was not there. It was kind of like putting his foot down. Which I appreciated.
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    That's true.  He did tell her.
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    Does anyone know how old Chelsea's sister is?  She has a kid too, I wonder if she was also a teen mom.  It's nice that Chelsea is working now and trying to contribute but I think because of her dad spoiling her she is going to have a really hard time becoming truly independent.
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    Maybe that's why her and megan's teeth are so damn white.
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