Wedding Woes


jane: am i the only one who thinks her exbf is a giant douche, and he might actually be the lord of the douche, aka a douchelord?  he totally loves to push her buttons and then just sits back and acts like he did nothing.  i hate dudes like him.

avonte: do we need to talk about the fact that the married man avonte was involved with was shawn from boyz ii men?  let me know, and we can circle back.

michelle: if you didn't know it before from the working out 5x/week, the underwear as outwear, and the visions boards, you know now: bitch crazy.  i mean, bitchcrazy.

christine: woo hoo!  WOO HOO!  avonte, i know you are tres happy that christine is a liar, and i'mma let you finish, but you could give her some pointers about cheating!  am i right?  am i right?  can i get a witness!  HOOO LAWD.

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