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yet another missing limb story...I may have told this one before.

One of my favorite uncles (the one who died this past year) was missing most of a leg.
(sad story actually...he had been scouted and was going to head to spring-training w/ MLB--he made it big from the farm town.  He was finishing the summer, working.  He was working in the granary and a fan got stuck.  he kicked it.  It started.  He nearly died but he lost the leg)

We were at some church-y type event w/ 'professional' comedians...
Part of their act involved them wandering down rows of people and pretending to trip over them.  They picked Uncle's row.
One made the crack of, "I thought that was my leg"
Uncle popped off the fake leg and said "no, but you can have it"

The entire place fell over laughing and the 'pros' just kinda lost their composure.
twas epic.

(same uncle...when the Mr. and I were newly engaged we were at a family event.  My dad had just gotten off crutches after his accident.  Dad and Uncle were sitting on a hay bale and chatting, the Mr.  turned around and was being introduced at the 'kids table' to my cousins.  Someone asked something pertaining to 'father in law' and the Mr. said something about he and uncle winning the 3 legged race.  It was intended toward my dad--the Mr. and dad have a very 'give e/o a hard time' relationship. 
The Mr. had NO IDEA uncle was missing a leg but there was a LONG awkward silence as my cousins tried to decide whether or not the Mr. was an ass.   Uncle figured it out--he thought it was hilarious.  Of course, 10 minutes later, uncle figured he'd been polite long enough, took off the leg and pinned his pantleg up and hopped for the rest of the night--he hated the dang fake leg and preferred hopping.)

Re: yet another missing limb story...I may have told this one before.

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