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So I was blessed by the presence of my fmil today. I probably shouldn't be complaining that she doesn't speak to me, look at me, or acknowledge me. But for some reason that gets under my skin more than the other end of the spectrum. Today I even tried asking her how she was or what she has been up to and how her recent trip to our wedding location was (because she has never asked anything about me) but she responded with  one word "good." I asked him if something was wrong b/c she wouldn't speak to me, he said nothing he was aware of. So I told him I was done.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I'm so mad I can't even bring the subject up to fiance, I'm afraid I'll lose my temper...maybe tomorrow.

Ive tried killing her with kindness, I've tried ignoring her...any other ideas to deal with this peach of a woman?

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    I'd ask your FI flat out to talk to his mother about the way she treats you.
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    that sucks! But you know that.  If I were you I would just sit him down and tell him you know his mother ignores you, you have tried being nice and don't understand why she won't even speak to you the future wife of her son?!  That this really hurts your feelings and want a good relationship with her. He has to know some reason why she doesn't and you deserve an explanation. If you are planning on spending the rest of our life together this woman is going to be there, and holiday's won't be pretty if your relationship doesn't start moving forward for the better.
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    I would let FI talk to his mom.  She may be more willing to tell him what the problem is.
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    Thanks ladies!

    Thankfully my fiance rocks and he asked her what her deal was and how it makes me feel, she said she didn't feel good. Its funny she could look and talk to other people though. Its ironic that she hasn't felt good every time I've seen her then for the last 3 1/2 years then (chuckle). Maybe I should call and ask her if she is feeling any better...
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    Next time she is around and acting like that make her some soup and hot tea! When she asks what that is for just tell her that the last time she was like that she wasn't feeling well and you thought that was what was wrong this time. :) 

    Not really, but it would be kind of funny...I'm a smartass that way.
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