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Where to start eeek...

So we have been engaged for about three months and we really haven't started planning much at all... I dunno if it is just being overwhelmed by everthing that I need to get done or if I just don't have any idea where to start. We did finally decide on a date and place for the ceremony and it is booked, and we decided on colors and attendants, but other than that we really haven't done anything. I guess I am kinda freaking out cause we are already less that 12 months out from the wedding and I am looking at all the things I still need to get done before the wedding and there is not much that I can cross off as being done... Any suggestions as to a good jumping off point?
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Re: Where to start eeek...

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    I'd say you're pretty on track- a date and venue are pretty big.  Set a budget and work towards photographer, florist, other big items.
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    The "my checklist" on here is great for giving you an idea of what to do when.  It's not something that's "set in stone" but it does help!  Congrats & Good Luck!
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