Wedding Woes

apparently in today's economy

mrs.conn's butt would be kicked!

i will never get tired of people mistaking a copied post for an actual question the OP has.

Re: apparently in today's economy

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    we usually get one - this time, two! it was like a bonus! suck it, economy!
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    Hey, at least it would be kicked royally!  That's one fancy butt-kicking.
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    And yes, I never, ever get tired of people who don't understand how C+P works.  And the fact that they blatantly ignored the 30 OTHER responses to the post.
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    well, i can see how a post like this could have confused someone. but yes, the responses, and the dozen or so other prudie/amy/whoever threads on the board would be a clue.
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    for the record, i think we were saying that her mother is a whore for being a single mom, not that she herself was one.
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