AW: First Wedding Present!

Our first gift arrived from one of FIe's aunts in Illinois. It's the All-Clad Copper Core Windsor pan. We used it to make popcorn last night :D.

We're thinking of taking photos of each other using the gifts and putting those on the thank you cards. And maybe even spelling out "thank you" somewhere. So when someone gives us the English- />Spanish handheld we'd look up "gracias" and take a picture of it, etc. I guess for the pans we'd have to spell out "thank you" in balsamic vinegar or something. That could get tricky ... :)

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Re: AW: First Wedding Present!

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    jennuinnejennuinne member
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    That's a cute idea.  : )
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    I *LOVE*  that idea!!
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    sounds like a lot of work, but fun and super creative!
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    carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    Looks like it's time to add another spendy gift to your registry.  Or at least more All-Clad.  (Not that there's a difference).  Lucky!
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    I say do it if it can be done easily!  I'm planning on doing something like that where FI and I hold signs saying "Thank You" while on our HM to send to MOH's dad with our card.
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    so lucky!!! i'm jealous! i want a gift! i think that is adorable to send a picture to each person with you using their gift! love that idea!
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    That's an adorable idea! Did you take a picture of making popcorn? you could always take the popcorn and line it up on a dark fabric for thank you.
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