Wedding Woes

Brain Dump

1. Amazon Mom is having a sale on baby products and there are a few pricier items I'd like to buy because I'd like to have them for a possible #2. But I'd feel weird buying them and then never having another kid. 2. DH and I have been sleeping in separate rooms for the last few months because he snores, I need white noise to fall asleep, etc. it's been glorious. 3. My dad is an a-hole. He really wants to come to our house on Sunday for Superbowl but my mom is having a root canal tomorrow. He said he doesn't really want to have to take care of her. 4. Re:Dad. His mom is I'll and he has POA and I think it's emotionally draining but he won't tell anyone that. I really wish she'd die but she's a stubborn old b1tch.
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