Wedding Woes

More intros?!

I think this 'book' is nothing but intros. No real story to speak of. We get Devon who has a girlfriend who isn't (wasn't that on What Chili Wants?) in Metra. He could see himself marrying her. He also has a best friend, Jocelyn, who he loves. He can't see himself with Jocelyn because she's not arm candy enough. Metra is light skinned with hazel eyes, so we know she's fine. Devon's parents love Jocelyn and think he should marry her and that makes Metra jealous. Jocelyn calls Devon at 4 in the morning because her boyfriend put her out of the car and took her purse and keys with him. He picks her up, takes her home, takes Metra home and heads to his mom's for breakfast. After breakfast he takes his mom to the grocery store. While she's off shopping, he calls Terrell to ask him to come with him to get Jocelyn's purse from her boyfriend. Terrell agrees. It's about to be some sht. Nevermind. All we get is an introduction to Tyrone who is Devon's baby brother. Devon has paid for two abortions for Tyrone's girlfriends and gotten him out of jail after a DWI. Another damned introduction! Up next we have Nicholas who is a racist police officer. It's sad. His wife was killed in a car accident. She called him to pick up eggs while on his way home, but went on an emergency call instead. A few hours later (there was a hostage situation), he hears that there has been an accident. Rushing to the scene he realizes it's his wife. She went to get the eggs herself. Since she was close to home she decided she didn't need a seatbelt and was hit by a drunk driver. She's thrown from the car and upon being ejected from the vehicle, the drunk driver ran her over. All this happened on Nicholas' birthday. Nicholas now cares for his teenaged daughter who drinks, smokes and runs with a crowd of black kids who are bussed in. He's also an alcoholic who drinks on the job, but not to get drunk. Just to mellow him. I'm praying there's some sort of plot after this.
"I would be sad if sex was only about the climax, lame." Someone who is obviously doing it wrong
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