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Our deadbolt on our front door seized up yesterday when I was going to leave for work.  I was able to lock it and then it took me a minute to finesse the key out of the lock.  I got home before DH and tried to get in and I couldn't. 

I had lent my key to SIL and BIL over Christmas because we left before they did on Christmas Eve.  I thought they had possible given me the wrong key back (mine is a generic copy from Wal-mart or whatever).  So I went to the neighbors because I knew they had a key to our house.  After BS-ing with them for a 1/2 hour or so, I went home and DH was already there struggling with the door.  Luckily, we have a side door on our garage, so we ended up getting in the house through there.

Once we were in the house, we tried to unlock the deadbolt from the inside and no dice.  So off to Lowe's we went to get a new deadbolt.   It was about an hour and a half process to get the deadbolt off the door and the new one in. 

Aaaannnnddd the new one doesn't fit our door right.  We can lock it, but it doesn't line up correctly at all.  DH and I are going to head back to Lowe's this weekend to get a new deadbolt and possibly just replace the whole kit and kaboodle (handle and all) for our front door. 

::sigh::  So not what we were wanting to do last night, but at least our door locks.

Re: Gah...annoyance..

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    The lock on our french doors is like that.  Drives me nutty. 

    Want a little trick to see where the deadbolt is hitting when it tries to close?  Smear the bolt end with lipstick then try to close it.  You should see clearly where the bolt is missing the hole.
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    The deadbolt is lined up and locks, but the hole in our door is too big for the whole thing.  It's all sorts of off-center. 


    It's DH's job to deal with it.  I just need to know how much it costs for the books.  LOL
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