Gifts for Bridesmaids...

Randomly, I started thinking about gifts I should get for my two BM's and realized it's getting close and I need to get on the ball with this! I am paying for hair and makeup and the hotel the night before the wedding but want to get them something special in addition.

I am no bueno with gifts and would love some suggestions! What did you get them or are planning to get them?


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    I would try to personalize the gifts for each BM; including books, gift card to her fav restaurant/retail store/hair salon/etc, beauty/pampering products (from a fun store like Lush maybe), a wristlet, or a good bottle of wine or liquor. 

    I think I'll give gift cards, along with a personalized letter/message.  I'm also providing makeup, maybe hair, hotel for night before, and accessories for the wedding. HTH!
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    I gave pairs of Glassybaby votives in their favorite colors. They all loved them!
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    my sister gave each of her bridesmaids pendents with our initials.  i still wear mine alll the time.  she found them on esby our something like like, II have C from an old typewriter.
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    I got them a swarski necklaces (i had 6 BMs) and they were all different. I went by style. And they all still wear them all the time!

    I tried to stay in the no more than $100 range per necklace and they have some really nice ones!
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