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movie reviews

meh.  way, way too much lingering camera on a scantily clad zoe saldana.

the other guys
i loved this.  i would watch it, again and again.

fast five
I LOVED THIS.  i do have to say -- when there was a fight scene between the rock and vin diesel, i could not tell who was who.  biracial people all look alike, yo.

Re: movie reviews

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    WzzWzz member
    First Anniversary 5 Love Its Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    fast five? really?

    i don't know how i feel about The other Guys. it was funny, as in there were parts that were funny, but the movie as a whole? i have to watch it agian.
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    the other guys--yesyesyesyesyesYES

    Loved all of the TLC random lines...hilarious in so many ways. 
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    i've seen all the fast et furious movies, most in the theatre.
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