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I have a very vivid memory of being at my grandparents' as a kid and going on car rides with my grandma (not Satan, the other one) in the summer.

My grandparents had a narrow, somewhat short driveway. My grandma drove a Caprice. We'd go out to the garage, where my grandpa had backed her car in. She'd turn it on, make sure I was buckled in, say "Hold on!" And FLOOR IT. We'd go shooting out of the garage, down the driveway, and into the street (blindly, might I add) without any hint of braking.


She claimed that she had to "get it up to speed" to get the AC to work. I'm not joking. She really believed that was the only way to get the AC turned on.

So picturing my grandma flooring it out of my parents' driveway makes me laugh. Until she singlehandedly clears out the whole neighborhood, of course.

Re: What makes me laugh

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    I wonder what ever made her think that.  That's hilarious (and scary) though.  But as a kid, I bet it was fun.
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    haha!  So she has been driving like that all her life?

    My grandpa used to complain if he wasn't driving and the driver left the windshield wipers on a second after the rain had stopped.  Wasting energy!!

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