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i just came from a "new tech in the office" meeting.  why are the dumbest people always the loudest?

whenever there are more than 10 people in a meeting, i always know that i will be best served by sitting in the back and waiting for death to come.  that's way too many people, and people just get dumber the more people you add.  i mean, there are phds and sht here, but i swear, figuring out tech is the worstest.  just the worstest.

three years ago, we added in all of this video conferencing equip in the main conference rooms.  there were mutliple sessions scheduled for training, and a lot of the remote offices were also set up with the same equipment.  this was all intended to reduce travel.  but no one could figure out how to do it on their own/handle the time differences/wanted to deal with it so our travel actually increased 12 percent over the last three years.  and by travel, i don't mean dc to ny; i mean dc to sri lanka and other far, far places.  it's a lot of travel.

so now they've added new tech for other remote conferencing.  they brought in a trainer from the manufacturer.  i just spent an hour listening to the stupid, stupid questions people have for him, and this poor dude is just keeping one eye on all the exits, but i really think he's just going to take a header out the window.

people keep asking him about all the other equipment and other irrelevant nonsense, "okay, so when i am on the conference call and the computer is on, where is the microphone?  do i talk to the projector? and where should i be looking?  do they know where i am looking?  do i look into the monitor or the camera?  what if i am in a different room?  how many rooms are there?  why are there only six codes?  can i get my own code?  what if ceecee is using the room and i need it?"  TRAINER DUDE DOES NOT KNOW OR CARE ABOUT CEECEE SO SHUT IT.

you idiots.  what makes you think you are going to use this confusing tech, considering no one used the last round of tech?  and everyone is all "oh, this will be easier."  yes, flying united is easier than flying aeroflot is what you mean.

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    zsazsa-stlzsazsa-stl member
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    At least they are asking and not thinking that they don't need to pay attention. No one wants to pull a  Michelle Bachmann.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    +candi++candi+ member
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    this is my office. none of the morons know how to use the video conference equipment and constantly schedule conferences when the room is already booked. LOOK AT THE CALENDAR!!!!
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    HeffalumpHeffalump member
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    Poor trainer dude.  Poor you.  If I end up in hell someday, I imagine it will be a lot like your meeting.
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