Help me find some jewelry!

So I have started the hunt for wedding jewelry because I know what I would like and it will probably take a while to find it. Right now I am not even sure where I should start looking. I tried to look on Etsy but its so overwhelming that I pretty much gave up. So if any one knows of some place online or around Philly where I could find something like the pics below I would be so grateful!!

I am looking for earrings, a head band (maybe a broach for my hair if push comes to shove), and a chunky bracelet.

These pictures are ones that I tried on at the bridal salon when I bought my dress and I loved them, but needless to say they were $$$$$.

I would also love to have a "sapphire" in the earrings to match my ring but I might be getting too picky. Any help would be wonderful!!!!

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Re: Help me find some jewelry!

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    I would not buy anything just yet, you will change your mind... i know from experience haha. I had to sell a few of my wedding items already because I changed my mind. So if you do find something, don't buy it just yet.
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    the earrings are beautiful, and if you were going to purchase one or the other, I would go with them.  Personally, I feel like headbands are very "trendy" right now-- but sassy earrings are alwasy classic.

    Try the wedding classified boards.. A lot of brides try to sell their jewelry afterwards.
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    The headband I wore at my wedding looks similar to the one in your pic.  I can't pip at work otherwise I'd show you.  I'm still deciding if I want to sell it or not but I'll let you know. I got it at Lizelle's in Havertown in January for 50% off.  You have a lot of time.  Check out when bridal salons are having sales on accessories. 
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    I know I have lots of time but finding the jewelry and shoes makes me anxious! Everything else I am like no problem, I can do that. But I have a freaking year left and I get convinced that I wont find anything until the last minute.

    Oh that crazy person in your head :)

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    If you have pictures of something you like, and can't find exactly what you're looking for on Etsy, try Etsy's Alchemy section.  You can post exactly what you're looking for (or pictures of what you want) and an ideal price tag.  You'll get probably 40 responses within just a few hours from people who can make you something custom to match your existing jewelry or to match a picture you found.

    A lot of them allow for payment once you approve a photo of the finished pieces and before they ship it out.

    I actually used Alchemy to get exactly the jewelry I wanted.

    Here's the link:
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