Making my own AW post...

...becaus it's too late in the day for most of you to notice an addition to the old one :P

First, I need to AW my amazing, creative, tealented, brilliant students bigtime!  They had some major projects due today, which were chosen from a menu of various options.  Each kid had to choose two to complete, all of which centered and learning the names and functions of various parts of a cell.  My expectations for these were pretty high, and I was still compeltely blown away by the creativity and effort they all put into their work.  Not a SINGLE kid present at school today failed to hand in their work, and every project I have grade so far (which is about half of them) has been A-level work. 

I had kids build 3-D cell models out of completely recycled materials and/or Christmas decorations (one actually papier mache-d hers by wrapping a balloon in yarn to make the cell membrane, then cutting it open to reveal all the other parts inside, whcih were intricately colored/painted/scuplted).  I had one kid write an adorable version Jingle Bells called "Living Cells".  I had a kid create a board game in which the end goal was to answer enough science questions correctly that you would collect all the various call parts to build a complete cell (a la trivial pursuit - all the parts were hand-made out of clay and other craft materials and packed up neatly in the game box). 

I felt totally warm and fuzzy today watching how proud they were of their hard work and how much parise they heaped on each other as they shared all this awesomeness.  I am clearly regetting not taking photos of these projects for all of you to see.

So yeah, my classes are brilliant and I love them.

Also, one of them gave me a gift box of a dozen Hope's Cookies for Christmas, so I love him extra-a lot. 

That is all.

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