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Panera is such a fascinating place

I always see people here having meetings about getting new people into their amway or mary kay or longaberger sales or whatever. 

Next to me right now are a couple of women sniffing essential oils or something. Woman on the left (who works somewhere that an aesthetician just quit) is recruiting woman on the right (an aesthetician having her license moved over from California) to sell essential oils.

The one on the right rubbed some oil on some bump on her arm and swears it doesn't hurt now and it did all morning. Magic oil!

There is also a woman on the other end of the restaurant with her eyebrows drawn on - halfway up her forehead.  Sadly, I could not discreetly get a photo of this.


Re: Panera is such a fascinating place

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    On the plus side, maybe I will leave here smelling like some fabulous essential oil instead of smelling like onions and cheese like usual.

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    Onions and cheese sounds like it should be an essential oil. 

    I hate when I'm a fat cliche. ;) 
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