Wedding Woes


1.  I bought 3 things last night that were exciting-two mascaras and a lipstick...all total $10.27 with coupon.

2.  Found a website that offers SUPER cheap shaving supplies.

I am NOT a vendor.

3.  I have my first YT video planned for next week...who knows if I will have the guts to post.

Re: Random

  • Sephora was having a big sale. I splurged and bought 2 mores shades of that fun magnetic and 3 lip glosses for $28.  One of the lip glosses was a color I had wanted for the summer, so that was nice.

    I'll check out that website, I'm going to buy some crazy colors for the Mad Hatter makeup and I am going to cheap it out, since they're more than likely be one or two time use.
  • Yes, buy some WnW, for cheapos.  They have some great pigmentation if you have them.  Or those cheapo sets with random colors at like CVS or Walgreens.
  • I thought about that too.

    I'm definitely looking at this sort of makeup for DH.  He's being awfully good natured about my project.  :)

  • Marlena is AMAZING.  She's definitely one of the more down-to-earth chicks.  Also...look into mineral makeup could get a whole awesome look for super cheap.
  • Ooo, good idea.  Yeah, I've liked her stuff before, but had stopped following eventually.  

    Samples from the counter?  Or from a website?
  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    I had a mascara coupon, but forgot to use it.  Some day I will be a grown up that knows make up and hair stuffs.
  • What's the video on? I will watch. I'm sorta getting addicted to hair videos on YT.
  • The one I posted, PMeg?  It's a makeup job to go for the Mad Hatter costume.  
  • Sorry- I meant O-Face. I will watch her video.
  • I will post if/when I do one.  Also, should I change my sign in for YT to match my Twitter?

  • I will watch you as well.

    And yes you should.

    I'm debating changing my FB name to my twitter/blog name.  I'm just not sure about DH's family reaction and they would see it.

    And then I'm I care?  Hmmmmmmmmm.
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