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I have a woe

I finally jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon, and I finished the second book last night. I used the amazon lending library and got HG in February and CF in March. Now I'm desperate to read mockingjay, but I don't get another free book until the 31st. I could buy it, but I have 2 book club books that I also have to read before the end of the month, so my time (and money) are better spent there. But I can't wait!! WWWWD?

Re: I have a woe

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    I listened to them free via audiobook checkout from my library - maybe your library has that?
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    that's what I was going to suggest....the library! you can also check out digital books and read them right on your reader!
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    I can lend you mine.
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    Does your library have Kindle lending? Or you could see if the book's in stock. Or checked in, I guess is a better term. 
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    Our library system's ebook collection sucks. Anything remotely good has eleventy billion people on the waiting list.
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    Go ahead and put yourself on the waiting list if they have it.  I was surprised how quickly things became available even when there was a huge list.  Do you have an IPhone or mp3 player?  I'm telling you - audio books are awesome.  I finished all 3 HG books on the treadmill. 
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    Buy it. It will only take you a day or two to read it.  Then you can read your book club books. No book buing next month. Laughing
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    Buy it.  They're fast reads and really shouldn't take you long to finish.

    The Nook is my ultimate enabler.  I also finish something like at midnight and then have no self-control about buying the next one in line.
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