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I don't get it.

Why are the majority of the commercials on The Cooking Channel for weight loss programs? I'm watching The Cooking Channel. I do not want to eat your nasty-ass cardboard preservative processed foodlike product. Stop trying to convince me I do.

Also, Graham Kerr is effing crazy. He told some weird-ass story about astronauts and coconuts at the beginning of the show today. Really, I'm shocked he's not still in production.

Re: I don't get it.

  • Because people feel guilty for wanting to go on a cross-country trip to try the best deep-fried creations, and instead they buy insta-slim, the diarrhea and vomit inducing cure-all to get you thin for that class reunion (along with an 800 calorie a day, 8 hour aerobics a day, and 120 oz water a day regimen) coming up in three weeks.
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  • I am so confused by the cooking channel. Did Scripps rebrand one of their other channels or buy a new one? It just seems so strange to branch out when they have enough trouble with their existing networks. Also, apparently they own Travel now. Interesting. I feel so out of the loop since I stopped working.
  • They rebranded Fine Living. And frankly, it's like a hipster Food Network. I like to watch Julia Child and The Galloping Gourmet from 12-1.
  • Oh! I saw a show the other day about a guy who tried an anti-aging medical regime (well, he didn't make it 30 days), to try to fast-track weight loss and to get back to his 18 y/0 body. Dude was 34, he needed a reality check.

    The supplements, testosterone and HGH made his liver functioning all wonky and killed his sperm production.

    Diet *& exercise people. Two things, easy to remember.
  • Okay, that makes sense. I forgot about Fine Living, so the rebrand was probably a good move.

    Also, as far as the commercials, usually its tough for new networks without proven shows to get advertisers. The weight loss industry targets food shows for obvious reasons, so my guess is that they're getting the time cheap, and no one else is really interested yet.
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