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Thanks for your long reply to my bedtime drama post.  Maybe I do just need to take a hard line. 

I hope I get to talk to H about it all soon.  Not really sure when. Maybe Friday night we will get a few minutes to talk.  We definitely need to be on the same page about all of it and move forward. 

In other exciting news, H has his class again tonight. So we'll see what we can do to avoid a repeat of Tuesday.


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    Sorry, I wrote a book.

    I know when you look at those big eyes it's so hard not to cave, but it's so important.

    I'm sure that it will be hard for me too when I have a kid, but the love part about being a parent is the easy part for sure. The discipline, training and consistency is by far the hardest things about being a parent.

    I was so close to telling this one mom that her son was pimping her. She was the "ho" and he was the pimp in the relationship. He said jump, and she jumped. How do you break the pattern if it's been that way all of his life? Sad.
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    It's rarely the big eyes that make me cave.  It's mostly wanting to avoid the confrontation, or not wanting him to wake up the other one, you know?  And I do bend a LOT but rarely cave completely.  But I do think I bend too much. (30 minutes for pajamas is too much, even if I do want him to learn, try new things, be independent, feel accomplished, etc.) 

    I did cave because of the sweetness and big eyes one night last week.  I went in to say goodnight when H was doing storytime.  He loookd up at me with the sweetest most adorable look and said, "Mom stay? Mom stay?"  So yeah. I stayed for storytime. :)

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      I do want him to learn, try new things, be independent, feel accomplished, etc.) 

    Those are important things that he should learn, but within boundaries. Kids really do love routine, boundaries. and structure. They know what to expect, and are less stressed.

    Plus, he will feel accomplished when he stays in his bed all night, and mom and dad praise it. He will be well rested, and ready to tackle his day, and mommy will be well rested and ready to tackle her day.

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