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BR- Potty Training

DS really wants to wear his underwear- so we did it yesterday and I put the plastic training pants on over top. It ended up being a mess- I got a 2T size (the Gerber brand) and we had leaks every single time plus they looked huge on him. DS doesn't mind peeing/pooping in the pull-ups so those are a waste. We'd go potty every 15-20 mins but a few times we couldn't get to the potty fast enough. Anyways- any recommendations for training pants? Other things to try?

Re: BR- Potty Training

  • GBCKGBCK member
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    all the clothdiapering people I know say the gerber pants are crap, sorry.

    I've not been there yet, but I like this company's other things, when it comes to cloth--but they're possibly more 'cloth diaper' than you may be going:
  • I've looked at those but he loves his "big daddy guy-guys" (which is what he calls his underwear). He picked out Cars underwear, and he likes wearing them- and I was hoping that would help motivate him to tell us he has to go.
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    We didn't use any training pants.  We'd just stick him on the potty every 15-20 mins and talk to him about any accidents.  It took a couple of days, but he got it pretty quick. 

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    that makes it harder, but...if you explore hyenacart, you do find some cars ones--spendy though, and I don't vouch for them working:

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    We just clean up the mess. I have a few official "training underwear" (Gerber, I think) - the kind that have extra padding in the middle for absorbency - but mostly regular. If he wets them, he wets them. We throw 'em in the washing machine with the next load and wipe up the puddle on the floor. 

    If he has a solid poop, we put the poop in the toilet and wash the underwear, just like we would with a cloth diaper. If it's a ridiculously messy poop, we just toss the underwear. They do make flushable liners for cloth diapers that might help catch messier poops, but I haven't tried it with underwear. 

    Is leakage really such a big problem? I mean, as long as it's not diarrhea or something, right? It's no worse than cleaning up after dogs who occasionally poop and puke and pee on the floor.

  • I don't know if this will help, but the Woozle was also really gung ho about wearing her undies, so we let her do a transition where she would wear the undies over the pull-up.  And we reinforced (many, many) times that when she kept her pull-up clean and dry and only went in the potty, then she could just wear her undies without the pull up.  That seemed to be really good motivation for her. 
  • Undies over pull-ups might be good. Maybe we'll try that the next few nights before bed.

    DG- my other issue is that the majority of our house is carpet. The messes are to be expected- but with it being 110 outside, and him spending most of hte day indoors I'd rather contain pee as much as I can so I'm not cleaning carpet every 20 minutes.
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    I wouldn't make a big deal out of pull ups overnight.  My pedi said that a high percentage of kids can't make it through the night.  The bladder isn't big enough and the mind doesn't registrer the "have to pee get to bathroom" quick enough.  We keep trying, but 6let still wears pullups overnight.

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    DD1 still wears pullups at night.  She hasn't had an accident during the day in months, but overnight is a very long time.

    ETA:  She calls them "night time panties".  She is very adament that they are NOT diapers.

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