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Good morning

How was the weekend?  What's news and exciting?

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    Weekend was fun.  Quiet mixed with crazy.  Saturday was running around a bit, doing my friend's makeup for her bday party, and then bday party.   I got nice and lit up, then was home and eating delivered pizza by 12:30am Sunday.  I did "lose" my debit card so I cancelled and had them re-issue it.  That should be fun.  Especially with the holiday week.

    Sunday was much quieter, chores, laying low, then bbq for my dad's birthday.  It was a good weekend all around.  Now for another scorcher of a week.
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    Son won his baseball tournament on Saturday.  It was effing hot.

    We had a scrimmage game yesterday.  It was effing hotter.

    A new tournament starts today.  Yippee!
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    Friday was a crazy, crazy day.  I worked half the day.  DH stayed home from work.  His cousin was in town and hung out most the day.  My SIL and her BFF brought my nieces by mid-morning and my nieces spent the day/ night with us.  We had my neighbors son over, and so my neighbor and her little guy stopped by for a few.  My other SIL came by for a little bit before she went to stay with a friend.  After dinner, DH took the big kids to a huge park in our area and then took them downtown our little town for ice cream.  DefConn and I hung back at the house and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

    Saturday, we spent the morning corraling 4 kids.  DH took the big kids to the pool at naptime and I got some housework done.  We took the kid to my IL's in the afternoon.  DH and I went to look at cars (because it is time to replace his...It's been a hot mess for awhile, but the transmission started slipping last week, which is no bueno when you drive 500 miles a week + the fact that he's going OOT on Thursdays for the next few months) and ended up buying a new car.  We went back to my IL's and hung out and had dinner. 

    Yesterday, we did a lot of glorious nothing.  We went to the grocery store and puttered around the house a little bit, but we mostly just hung out.  DH posted his old car on CL.  We've had a couple bites.  I'm hoping to off-load it in the next week or so.  I don't want to be paying insurance on it for too long.  We had dinner and took a nice walk and then watched the Olympic trials. 
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    Hotter than Hades. But DD had a lot of fun. Went to one of those cherriedout indoor playgrounds, DD had a blast. She also had her very first time in a proper kiddie pool like the ones at public pools. By a few hours time she was "floating" sorta supported and dunking her head under water, several times...on purpose, no crying :D
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    work is making me stabby today. (this is nothing new)

    Friday - wasn't feeling well so cancelled my massage and skipped out on my planned movie in the afternoon. ate lunch at home. went to Magic Mike with one of the ladies in my mom group at one of those movie theater/restaurants. we had fun making fun of all of the women who were dressed as if they worked in a strip club, and not watching a movie about one. <3 Big D!ck Ritchie

    Saturday - still feeling meh. gave DK the night off so he could go to the movies. It was raining all day, so we just hung out at home.

    Sunday - got up early-ish and went to see Brave. it was very good. went shopping with DK and Wolverine after her nap. got a shirt, 2 pairs of shoes, a new purse/matching successories, and a ton of clothes for Wolverine (massive sale, stuff that's 1-2 sizes bigger than what she's in now)
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    I am sad to be back to reality today.  I was just getting into the groove of this vacation thing.  I'll put together a vacation post later.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    My weekend sucked.    We had a bad storm Friday night - right when I left work - that knocked out our power.   It was fun trying to get home with no traffic lights, sideways rain, dodging tree branches, trash cans and cows (j/k).   And then I somehow managed to get to the movie theater in one peice and saw Magic Mike (more on that later).   Came home, still no power.   Attempted to sleep in the extreme heat.   (We couldn't open our windows because we don't have any screens in - which I never realized until then.)   Just about killed my family because I am not a happy camper when I'm hot and can't sleep.
    We got up in the morning, drove to the other side of the city to find some power.   Hung out at McDonalds (with an indoor playland) for an hour or two.   Went to Whole Foods and walked around and sample some yummy stuff.   Went back home, still no power.   Packed some clothes up, then packed up as much food from the freezer and fridge that I could, and raced over to my mom's house to put it in her fridge.  
    Hung out at my mom's house for a few hours, then went to a baseball game with DH and DD.   Had a nice time there, thank God that the rain had cooled off things a little bit.
    Came back to my mom's house - Bro, SIL and nephew were staying there, too.   DH refused to stay because he's pissed at my mom, so he went home to sleep.   (Long story, and I'm not happy about any of it.)  Couldn't get DD to go to sleep so I ended up sleeping in a TWIN SIZE BED with her.   NOT FUN.   I did not sleep much.
    Sunday, I had my mom's house to myself for most of the morning while everyone went to church.  That was nice.   No cable or internet, so I was able to finish reading Black by Catherine Winters.  (Recommend!)
    Found out that our power wasn't scheduled to be restored until SUNDAY JULY 8TH (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), so I went back to our house and packed up stuff for the week for DD and I.
    Came back to my mom's house, dodging another storm on the way.  Then I helped make a big Italian feast for the family, then attempted to get DD to go to bed.   Struggles again and she didn't fall asleep until after 11:00pm, but at least I wasn't sleeping in the twin bed with her.   And THEN she got up at 4am, found me on the couch and insisted on sleeping with me.   I was too tired to do anything about it so I just plopped her at the end of the couch and attempted to get a little more sleep all scrunched up.   I think I got a combined total of 30 minutes of sleep in the next 3 hours.   So that was just f-ing wonderful.  
    Then DH texted me this morning to say that the power was back on.  Halla-f-ing-lujah.
    And now I'm at work, so freaking tired and out of sorts because I'm a creature of habit and don't like my routine to be messed with.
    The end.   I want a do-over.
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    AF-that sounds downright awful.  Torture kind of awful.  :(  I'm glad they have your power back on, but it'll probably take a few days just to get back to "normal".  BOOO.
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    Oh AF-I'm queenbitch supreme when my routine is screwed with and I get no sleep.  I feel for you. 
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    In better news, I just pooped and that has improved my attitude immensely.  Funny how that works.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Good morning</a>:
    [QUOTE]In better news, I just pooped and that has improved my attitude immensely.  Funny how that works.
    Posted by AuntFlo[/QUOTE]

    *kuus applauds*
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    I do indeed.
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    I can't complain- AF that sounds horrible. Glad your power is back. DS was a butthead all weekend with his whole not sleeping bs. We went swimming on Sunday. Dog is doing very well. DH is coming on vacation.
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    YAY Pmeg!  I'm glad DH is coming with you and the dog is doing well.

    Boo to DS being a butthead all weekend. 
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    WzzWzz member
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    af, that really stinks. at least you have your parent's house to go to in an emergency, but still. blech.

    pmeg, i am glad to hear about the dog doing well.

    this weekend was just fine, we didn't do much except go to the park and lots of napping. i needed it! i also got to see the babies dancing together, which was really cute.
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    AF, that's terrible. Well, except the part about reading. ;) 

    Friday I went out for drinks and appetizers and then to see Magic Mike. I was pleasantly surprised - NO ONE ever mentioned to me that it was a Soderbergh film, so I was expecting some crappy comedy about strippers that I'd paid $10.50 (!) to see downtown. But no. It was really a good film - I think the stripping was distracting, frankly. I'd like to see it again when the excitement dies down and I can go to an empty weekday theatre for a sensible $4.50. 

    Saturday I did laundry and then went to see the Yves St. Laurent exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. It was phenomenal. 

    Yesterday I didn't have any church, so I joined the same friends again for the water park/ amusement park. Unfortunately one of our friends got heatstroke and fainted, and we had to spend some time in the First Aid office while she cooled off and got some water. 

    And yesterday GayH decided I was hosting a 4th of  July barbecue, so we invited a few people. I have to clean house, go to the store, and finish up that laundry today and tomorrow, and then Wednesday we're doing pulled pork and potato salad and hanging out. Hopefully it won't be too hot and we can eat outside. 
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    Biggest event of the weekend was Dex getting his first-ever bee sting. :(  The 3 of them were all outside. I was inside, getting ready to go to B&N to take a work call (on a saturday. ugh.). It was all kinds of pitiful. H had to pin him down to get the stinger out, of course, because he didn't want anyone going near it. Then we tried baking soda & water, then just running cool water over it, then warm water, then cool water again (some of this was Dex's suggestion). No dice. He just sat there and wailed, "Nothing will help!!!!" Of course, he did feel better before too long, but it was really awful until then. 

    The sting is on the second toe of his left foot, and it is still red and swollen after 2 days, though he says it doesn't hurt, and it isn't slowing him down at all. 

    Other than that, just trying to avoid the heat, mostly. Riding bikes in the garage, where it was only like 95 instead of 105, then later in the basement, where it was downright cool. Still, there are quite a few outdoor things I have been wanting to take them to, and being trapped inside with two very energetic boys was not fun. 

    We watched Cars2. I have to disagree with hmo's take on it. I mean, what she said was true (larry the cable guy is not really entertaining), but the animation was so phenomenal, and the car chases were so cool, that I easily got past it. I did want more Lightning/Sally love story and got zero, but hey, there's always Cars3, right? 

    Trying to be really productive today. No idea what the rest of the week will bring. Hopefully slightly cooler temps so we can at least go to the playground or something.

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