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I'm about to smack FI

Not really. Just getting frustrated. 

We're looking for a song to play for our first dance, and this was supposed to have been done last month, so that we can start practicing dancing. I'm a horrible dancer, and FI's right leg is paralyzed, so we need all the practice we can get in before April 29th!!

My only requirements are that it be acoustic-ish (little to no percussion) and not be something like has been played on the radio over and over and over. 
Neither of us like top 40ish music, or country. 

But every song I show to him, he's always like "eh, idk" or "that's been played at too many weddings" How he knows this or WHY that matters, I have no idea, but...whatever. 

Anyways, are there any other people here that listen to stuff like Jack Johnson, Pomplamoose, Death Cab for Cutie, Ray Lamontagne, etc, and have any suggestions? I've googled and googled and googled...nothing. 
We've never really had a song that's been "our" song, or this wouldn't even be much of an issue. 

Re: I'm about to smack FI

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    #1) Accoustic has nothing to do with presence of percussion.

    2) Jack Johnson - Better Together? Death Cab doesn't seem wedding-y to me. But I'd be happy to discuss options. And, because I'm me, I'm going to toss this into the ring.
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    It doesn't sound like "we're looking for a song to play for our first dance", it sounds like you are looking.  Stop searching for awhile and let him bring some potential contenders to the table. 

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    Ok this is not acoustic at all, but I had this in my DJ playlist for my reception so I'll share it since you like Death Cab: Death Cab for Cutie: Earth Angel.

    One thing that helped us is we tried to think of songs that impacted us. We settled on Moulin Rouge's "Your Song" (my processional was "Come What May") because they embodied our relationship. A close runner up was "Song Bird" by Fleetwood Mac, one of his favorites.

    Another suggestion I have is check You Tube for different versions of the songs you both like. You might find an acoustic version that way.
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    @MinM -Erm, yeah, I'm a musician, I'm well aware of the meaning of acoustic. It was an addendum, not an explanation, but I probably could have phrased that better. What I was meaning, is that I do not want to have wailing electric guitars and keyboards, and I would also like to keep the percussion to a minimum. 
    I LOVE the foo fighters. I'll run it by him. 

    @MNNEbride- You're right, I AM the only one looking, because he works about 70 hours a week. If I step back and wait for him to bring something to the table, it will never happen. He just doesn't have the time, which is why I've been scouring my brain and the internet for ideas. :/

    @KatoNorway- Thank you, those are really good ideas! :) By the way, I am also walking down the aisle to "Come What May", played on the acoustic guitar by FI's best man. 
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    Nick Cave -- Into My Arms
    Paul McCartney -- Calico Skies

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    Have you tried anything by the weepies?
    I really like this one:

    My sisters prefers this one:
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    Who the ef knows what your profession is?
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    Lol, I'm not expecting you to know what my profession is. To be honest, I'd been up for about 24 hours when I'd written the original post, and I was expressing displeasure in myself for not being clear about what I meant. I was embarressed at myself, not irritated with you. 
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    Death Cab - I'll Follow You into the Dark
    Anything by Snow Patrol, practically
    "The Book Of Love" - we had the Peter Gabriel version
    "Is It Over" - Fergus McCormick
    "All That Is Real Is You" - The Moody Blues
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    And if you like Foo, try the one from the X-Files soundtrack - crap, I can't think of the name, but maybe it's "I'm On Your Back"? 
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