Wedding Woes

Popping in...

Hey y'all!! I've missed you so much this past week.  I'm not at my normal desk, doing my normal job, so I can only pop in on my breaks.  WAAHHH! 

I've caught the high and lowlights. 

Ww, the WW force is strong and so are you. All the luck in the world in the next few weeks and months.  Especially in the next week or so, when you're going to be getting all sorts of info and seeing all sorts of Dr's and whatnot. 

Heff, I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL.  That's such a tough situation.

As far as rice?  I've only cooked real rice like 2 times and it's come out right.  I don't remember what I did though. 

I'm probably not going to be back on before I go to FLA.  Nico, the only free time I have is Weds. morning...Other than that we are going to be extremely busy.  I'll send you a FB message today or tomorrow. 

Have a great week and weekend everyone!!

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