Wedding Woes

Rmember me (recently) posting aobut someone throwing a fit aobut getting 'bad tutoring'?

Person is a lying liar who lies and it's the tutor's fault she lost points on a test this moring (insert eye roll here)...but neglected to mention that her teacher disagrees.

Person came to grouse to me (again) about how all my emploees (the tutors) suck and I told her to take it to the dean (the dean is up on the situation and has instructed me not to engage the crazy, to shut down all discussion and that this is now a dean-level issue).  Person continued to try to force my hand...I told her to take it to the dean, I am NOT discussing the merits of my employees with her.

Person then tried to corner my employee and grouse so I went over and explained that the situation was not up for discussion by employees...TAKe.  TO.  DEAN.  Or shut up.
SHe could only shut up for 5 minutes so she left.

I've been told that if she comes in again, I get to ban her.
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