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TV randoms

1. I'm not sure how I feel about Bethenny's new talk show, between the product placement, her talking loud, and not getting the concept of the show. I will keep watching, though.

2.Don't be Tardy for the Wedding- Kim...Kim...Kim. I don't understand why she wouldn't let her mom and aunt use the bathroom in the house. Was it that big of a deal? Yes, her mom is crazycakes, but to kick her out for that. Really?

3.I'm glad that this is the last season of Teen Mom because I can't take anymore of these chicks. They are all hot messes.

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    Agreed on Teen Mom.  It's time to quit airing the crazy.  I never thought I'd say that.
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    I'm interested in seeing Bethenny's show, but unfortunately it's not on here. Maybe in the fall.
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    Agreed on the wedding show.  But her mom and aunt were disrespectful asses and that was some mad isht talking they were doing.
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    And I posted this for you and Wzz the other day.

    "My life is a Lifetime Movie"
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    You know I'll be watching.
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    I haven't seen bethenny's show.  I might very well be over her, but would give it a whirl.

    I sort of see where Kim was coming from, once you let one person in you start letting everyone in.  It's not like the portapotty was a hole in the ground.  Maybe mom should have gotten that privilege, but you have to draw the line somewhere.  I loved Kroy's mom's comment about "we know you lover her and will learn to love her too."
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    Ok, I had never seen that SNL skit, I was giggling.
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    1. I haven't watched Betheny's new show, and I doubt that I will actually.
    2. I agree! While I agree that Kim's mom seems insanely jealous and very difficult, I thought that kicking her out was way overboard. She's your mom Kim!!!
    3. I have absolutely nothing nice to say about that show, so I won't say anymore...
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