Wedding Woes


I was wrong about BIL's 100 wrestling wins, it was career, not season. Apparently there aren't even that many matches in a season (H said, rolling his eyes). But he corrected me in time to make the plaque right, and we got them to announce it over the loudspeaker at the meet. BIL Loved the plaque, excellent idea Min!

Kuus- saw your post about the facewash, I'll have to try that.

Hmo- That eyeliner you suggested is a winner. It lasted all throughout the dinner, and then the next day it lasted through a whole wrestling tournament in a sweaty humid gym. I'm hooked, Thanks!

Bmom- The other day I didn't mean you don't like TO argue, I meant you don't like it when I DO. Or at least when I can't stop. You argue all you want.
Dear Rain, Not Today. Sincerely, My Parade
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