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Difficult Mother in Law

Is it awful to cut down on my future mother-in-laws guest list if she refuses to contribute to the wedding (even the rehearsal dinner). and she knows my parents and I cannot plan the wedding she would want financially.

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    No, you have the wedding you can afford.  That being said, you should still try to keep restrictions somewhat even on all sides, so if your parents are inviting all their friends you barely know, you can't really tell MIL she can't invite any of hers.
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    TheDuckisTheDuckis member
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    There's nothing wrong with telling your MIL that you have to limit the guest list to X number for each side of the family. But this should have been communicated from the beginning, and it should now be up to her to cut the list down.

    Your FI should really be the one dealing with his mother. He needs to calmly communicate to her that your parents are being very generous, but that their funds aren't unlimited and she therefore needs to be respectful of their budget.

    You might want to let her know what guidelines you used in creating your family's guest list (1st cousins only, no co-workers, etc.) so that she knows you're not trying to disclude anyone that from her side that you would have included from yours.
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    steph43987steph43987 member
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    Well someone has to pay for those guests. I don't think you should have to tell her anything- I think your future husband should be the lucky one. I'd just simply tell her you don't have the budget for more than x amount of extra guests.

    However- if she's truly difficult- pick your battles wisely. If it's not in the budget, then it is not in the budget (or venue capacity, etc.).
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