Wedding Woes


Do you know what you're having yet?

I mean, I assume it's a human baby (as opposed to a lizard, or maybe a zucchini) but do you know if it's a boy or a girl?

If I have asked this before I apologize.
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Re: Kat

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    nope...not finding out until baloney loaf 2.0 arrives. 

    i'm leaning towards a girl right now.  but maybe that's just because it's the one i don't have. 

    i got 8 weeks to go, so we'll see. :-)
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    how is Miles taking impending big brotherhood?
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    miles is so cute lately.  he's been giving "the baby" (aka: my belly) hugs, and saying "i love you baby." 

    Mr kat likes to say "be nice to your mom, baby, she's growing you." 

    and yesterday miles said the same thing to my belly.  it was tre sweet.
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