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s/o kids, a story

my former boss is a big believer in "you don't really know love until you have kids" and other eye-rolly crap.  she gave assignments based on whether or not you have kids -- big assignments were given to the people with kids because those people can clearly handle responsibility, but the late night assignements were given to the single folks because they only have themselves, their cats, and their crippling loneliness waiting for them at home.

anyway, one day long ago first tier friend and i were talking in the kitchen about jamie lynn being pregnant or something.  a coworker came in to refill her coffee mug, and said, "oh yeah -- i mean, i have kids and i totally regret having them.  .. having them so young, i mean.  ... okay bye."

her coffee cup was one of the photo ones and had pictures of all three of her kids.

so yeah, whenever me and first tier had to do anything to do with this coworker, inevitably, one of us would say, "you mean sarah with the coffee mug covered in pictures of kids she regrets having?  okay, go on."

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    It's not showing up.

    ::shakes fist at knut::
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    My mom has admitted she regretted having kids so young.  Well, I say the other kids because she was 29 and planned to have me.  The others were accidents.
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    That makes me so sad. You know those kids have to know on some level that she has regrets.
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    Now I can see it.

    Poor kids. 
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    I know my mom messed with her bc so that she would get knocked up so that my dad would marry her.  She's also 50 and her parents still buy her groceries.  She kind of fails at life.

    Edit: My dad is a raging alcoholic and the marriage was off and on (only on enough to produce two kids) for 5 years. 
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    Seems like an odd/random thing to admit to a coworker.  I do advise people against having children less than 14 months apart, though I stop short of actual regret.

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