Wedding Woes


1. DH and I were in the car and he remarked that a place was so dirty he felt like he needed a "Tetris shot" just looking at it. I asked if he meant tetanus, and he did, so I was required to laugh at him.

2. People really need to stop painting furniture. Or if they paint, at least do a good job. When we were antique shopping there were so many pieces that had been painted crappy. You could see brush marks, they hadn't bothered to fill and sand places, or they hadn't taped off good. It was heartbreaking. One dresser (which would have been a perfectly lovely painted piece) had been done in black, the original hardware had been spray painted gray, and something resembling Glad Press and Seal had been stuck to the top to give it a marble look. It was horrible. They wanted like 400 AMURRICAN dollarz for that piece of sh!t.

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