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::Oface and Conn::

I tried the Insanity "Cardio Recovery" workout last night, and completed about 26/33 minutes. I was happy with that. my feet were starting to hurt about 19 minutes in, so i took a 2 minute break and then made it through another 7 before I was done (I was getting woozy). 

my legs are still a little shaky today since most of it was core/lower body based. lots of squats/lunges/and holds. I think i need to get new/better shoes. I've been wearing a pair of Reebok Easytones, which may not be the best for cardio/treadmill (feet were getting sore at the gym too). 

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  • No.  Reebok easytones or whatever are for light aerobics.  And if you use them for walking, leave them for walking solely...and nothing else.

    I have to lecture people about running shoes vs. walking shoes.  I'm that annoying person.
  • BUT, I forgot to add---GOOD for you, that recovery video is kind of a bait and switch.
  • any recs for something good for more intense aerobics and walking/jogging (I don't run) that won't break the bank?

    I was planning to head up to the outlets on Friday and figured I'd see what they had at Nike/New Balance/Adidas/Reebok

    i ended up doing the 7 additional minute barefoot because the shoes were bothering me so much. (plus it was the part of the workout where you're on your hands and knees doing various leg raises, so took some of that pressure off my feet)
  • Honestly, I would say anything that you can buy at the outlets would be sufficient for aerobics.

    Running?  Not so much.  If you plan on running/jogging or walking...I would find additional shoes at a running store.  Not foot locker, finish line or junk....running store.  It might cost more, but it will save you pain.
  • I wear a pair of Asics (sp?) for working out and have no issues with my feet when wearing them.  Once I wear this pair out, I'll probably buy another.  You can find them for $50-75-ish.
  • I've always been a big fan of Asics, but every stride and every foot is different.  Go somewhere good and find what you need.  If you do end up with Asics Kohls carries a decent variety for a decent price.
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