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Ennoble, usurper, culprit

These are words I just had to explain to a freshman in college, people. Exactly what is the criteria for getting into college these days?

I should also mention this kid doesn't understand that a poll question is just asking for your OPINION, so no, I cannot give you the "right" answer. ::facepalm::

Re: Ennoble, usurper, culprit

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    I am, unfortunately, unsurprised by this. And it's not a new development - at least, not in Arizona - because it was like this when I went to college a dozen years ago. I had a composition professor assume I was graduating because I knew how to write essays - just basic 5-paragraphers. Obviously, it took FOUR YEARS of instruction to learn that. I'm shocked I dropped out. /sarcasm. 
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    Oh, it's priceless. Before spring break some kid was like, "I have a blue book exam next period. What is that?" OMFG.
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