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1. Do you consider yourself a good cook?

2. Do other people consider you to be a good cook?

3. When did you learn to cook?

4. How did you learn to cook?

Re: Bored Poll

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    1.  I think I'm getting pretty good.

    2.  Yes.

    3.  Probably didn't start until DH (then boyfriend) and I moved in together and got tired of fast food nastiness and cost.  It's been a long journey, I would say it's only been in the past year that I've felt like a "good" cook.  I'm too anal to really wing something myself, but I can look at a recipe and say, "Oh, but I'll do this and this instead".  I can remember calling Mom one time to find out how to chop a red bell pepper.  Now she asks me for "weird" ingredients.

    4. Mostly reading recipes and cookbooks, watching video techniques and HMo's advice (really, she turned me onto Cooks Illustrated which is now like a bible of cooking for me).
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    1. I'm average. DH eats and enjoys what I make and that's what counts. DS doesn't like what I make but he wants a sandwich or chicken nuggets half the time. 2. Yes. 3. In college. I had no idea how to cook but I couldn't afford to eat out. And I really don't care for ramen. So I shopped, I experimented and I learned. 4. See above. I also watched Food Network when it was about cooking and had chefs like Sara Moulton on.
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    1. Do you consider yourself a good cook? I think I'm average.

    2. Do other people consider you to be a good cook? DH does.  IDK about anyone else.

    3. When did you learn to cook? When I was growing up.

    4. How did you learn to cook? My parents taught me.  We were given recipes and taught how to follow them.   We cooked a lot as a family.
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    1.  I would say I'm average?  I certainly have some hits and misses under my belt.

    2.  H says he enjoys it.  But if he didn't say that he would have to cook a lot more, so he can't be trusted. 

    3 & 4. I cooked a lot at home as a teenager, so I definately learned the basics from my mother, but she doesn't especially enjoy cooking or planning,  so I kind of picked up those traits, too.  I would say that I have become a much better cook in the past 5 years just because I've done a lot more cooking in the past 5 years.  Practice, practice, practice.  I didn't cook much when I lived on my own.  And working from home has made a big difference, too. 

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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