Wedding Woes

So lemme get this straight (C&P)

You lied to your husband for some unspecified amount of time, then admitted the truth, and then wonder why he got upset and call him a girl. You're a winner, lady!

From my local, where they have issues opening their damn mouths and expressing opinions: 

Dear Men of the World... (add as appropriate)... I'm sorry if I don't find your favorite photo blog site very funny.  When I'm trying to do the dishes and you keep asking me to turn around and see the next "funny" picture you just saw, it just taxes me more to have to summon up fake laughter.  And how great was it that, when I was finally honest and admitted I didn't find it funny enough to warrant wasting water and twisting my back every 30 seconds, you got in a menstrual-esque huff and gave me the silent treatment the rest of the night.  Let me know if you need help acclimating to your new vagina.
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