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hey ladies!

i need some help! i just got married on june 5th, and i was thinking i would wait to get some pictures from the photographer to have made into thank you cards. i was wondering how long is acceptable to wait to send the cards before it's rude (i still have a few more weeks until the pictures are done and then wait to have the card made)? also, do you have any websites to recommend to have the cards made?

thanks so much!

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    Well, I was married on 5/21 and I still haven't ordered mine since I'm waiting for my pictures as well. = )  I think the rule of thumb is 3 months.  I'm hoping to have my pictures this week, order thank yous next week and then get cracking on writing them and sending them out ASAP. 

    I'm ordering mine from Magnet Street since that's where we ordered our STDs.  I love how you can really customize their products.  For ex, the one I'm ordering has a pattern on the inside of the card and a text box for a standard saying but we're telling them to leave the inside blank so there's space to write.  

    HTH = ) 
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    I know some of the girls have made them on shutterfly as well.
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    Old-school etiquette actually says that you have up to a year!  I got married last August and may have sent mine out shortly after the new year for the same reason... we got our thank-you cards as part of our invitation package, but we wanted to include a small photo with them, so we waited.  I'm fairly certain no one complained, and I've spotted our photo on a handful of refrigerators in the greater Philadelphia area, so I think we were fine.
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    oh, whew! thanks for the input! i was starting to feel like a delinqent, so it's time to relax, huh?! i'll check out magnet street and shutterfly!

    thanks again!
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