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Christmas Rant

Backstory: My Mom bought my grandparents this giant stoneware bowl that was painted and personalized about 25 years ago. It gets used all the time by them so I thought this year I'd do something similar for my parents.

So- on the 6th I placed an order with a company. Paid extra to have it rushed for this Saturday for my parent's Christmas get together. Other than an email confirming my order, I've heard nothing. I've tried contacting the company but got no response. So basically I'm not getting my item, and now I've got to dispute the charge on my credit card.

What annoys me most is that of all the sites I looked at, I liked their products the best. The rest are ugly and cheap looking. I don't want to buy some second rate replacement, I really want this company to get their sh!t together and just send me what I want.

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