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Oh My God my soon to be MIL is driving me insane, she used to literally love me and send me emails wedding related, then i tayed at they're house for 3 weeks during the holidays (Big mistake!!) Now she hates me for a reson unknown to me, the thing is that now all of a sudden shes against the wedding( we're not cancelling) shes not prohibiting it but she wont stop telling him not to marry me (which she constantly does unfortunetly) the thing is that she says i mistreat him ( you should see how she treats my FIL) im dealing with all this drama and havig to see my fiance heart broken because of how his mother is acting for no reason, and he cant tell her anything because it would be like putting more gasoline in the fire, he just tells her to shut up in a very decent way, we're just letting her cool down trying to avoid making things worse but we're still getting married wether she likes it or not. I just wish she would stop doing this to him because she doesnt know how much it hurts him.

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    [QUOTE]she used to<strong> literally </strong>love me
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    If only there were a way to ask her why she hates you. think, people, think!

    and if she hates you, unless she has some sort of mental impairment, i'm not so sure i believe that there is absolutely no reason for her to feel this way.
  • She doesn't hate you. She hates your poor spelling, awful grammar and lack of punctuation.
  • First off, we'll need you to answer some questions.

    How old are you two?

    Why did you stay at their house for 3 weeks?

    Is he the baby of the family?

    Is he a mama's boy?

    Does he allow her to be controlling more often than telling her to mind her own business?
  • It sounds like one of two things is happening:

    1 - You showed your true colours while staying with them and your FMIL has now seen the dark side of your personality and doesn't want her son marrying Medusa.

    2 - Since 3 weeks is a decent chunk of time to spend with them in one go, your FMIL has actually seen you and FI "living together" first and hand and it has sunk in that her baby boy is getting married.  She is finding it difficult to cope and is lashing out at you.

    I'm leaning towards option 1 and I'd really love to hear how old you and your FI are.
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  • I'd hate my son's fiancée too if she couldn't figure out how to use a period.
  • Well first of all I am from Puerto Rico EXCUSE ME  if my poor grammar skills and punctuations caused you brain impairments, I did not imagine I was going to be attacked by RUDE people who don’t even know me, it makes me sad because I was just trying to vent my frustration. My fiancé and his family (Parents) are currently living in California due to work and study, when the holidays came my fiancé wanted to come over here (to Puerto Rico) but it was too expensive at the time so my FIL wanted me to go there instead (he was the one who bought the ticket, he was the one who decided on 3 weeks). My fiancé and I have been together for 3 years and have been engaged for 2, I did not reveal my “true” colors as one of you rudely suggests (calling someone you don’t know medusa is very disrespectful), and apparently nobody taught any of you some manners. After I came back home she changed her behavior with me, I used to have a very strong temper and when I got mad I was a little harsh (I didn’t curse) and she disliked the tone I used when I was mad at him. Every couple fights and disagrees (she even told me if it wasn’t because my fiancé was born they would have gotten divorced). You should see how she treats my FIL, I did nothing wrong.  He is an only child but he is not close with his mother because she has been this way even with his friends, so they’re not very close. No he does not let her be controlling of him he hates it, she wouldn’t be upset with my spelling because she doesn’t know English. She has not expressed why she is now opposed to the wedding she only said that I wasn’t good for him because of the tone I used when I was mad but that isn’t much of a reason, we are both 24 years old. I have not changed with her; I still sent her mother’s day gift. I do not hate or dislike her she is still very important to me. I have tried to let her know, I just don’t know what else to do to win her back.

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