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open letter

dearest, darling, sugar-coated contractor (with a cherry on top), 

I was VERY HAPPY to rearrange my day to allow you to grace me with your presence. I woke up early, showered, and even did some light cleaning so you would not be offended by the state of our house. I rescheduled my morning meetings to allow you lots of time to complete your assessment of the damage. Since I did sooooo much for you, perhaps you could do me one teensy favor.... like SHOW UP ON TIME?! (or at least call and let me know you'll be late...)

When you make an appointment with a customer for 9am, they expect you to arrive in the general vicinity of 9am. I called your office at 9:20 and left a message. I called again at 9:50 and left another message. I called the owner and his son on their cell phones, and left messages - and yet did not hear anything until after 10am, when the receptionist called me back. 

After I ripped her a new one, she profusely apologized and rescheduled someone to come out later today between my conference calls. I was sure to let her know that if the guy was late, we'd be going with another contractor. 

so please feel free to EABOD and DIAF - just fix my house up first so we can move. 

hugs, kisses, puppies, and rainbow-farting unicorns,. 

Re: open letter

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    Don't forget to lay into the contractor, the receptionist can't do much about the contractor. Go for the owner and his son again. (Because the receptionist won't generally "get onto" someone over her/him, ya know?) Just a thought.

    Sucks though. I missed a whole day of work Friday, because of the stupid satellite people. Ugh.

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