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Zsa's post reminded me.

Isn't it sex talk Friday? Ok, not for months, but whatever.

What makes a woman bad in bed? Can a woman be bad in bed if all of her ladyparts are working?

There ya go....

Re: Zsa's post reminded me.

  • Laying there like "a dead fish" according to college friends.

  • V, maybe they slid her a roofie.

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    Or laying there like a dead fish AND crying throughout.  I know someone who stayed for several years with a woman who did that.  He just thought it was normal because "women cry a lot." 

    Just to clarify, it wasn't "stop!" or "this hurts" crying.  He said it was "I love you so much and I'm overcome by emotions" crying. He may have been dating TF.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • Yes, V.  Though if the guy is bad in bed...I won't be pretending. 

    Also, if she makes weird noises....I deem them "weird" if it's like animal or whistling.
  • I would venture to say (from a guy's POV, since I don't/haven't slept with a woman):

    *laying there and thinking of England
    *unwilling to try new things (not saying people shouldn't have limits, just that they're willing to go beyond 5 minutes of missionary every time)
    *doesn't give BJs
    *poor hygene
    *trying to do "butt stuff" to the guy (unless he's into that)

  • *trying to do "butt stuff"

  • According to H, not being enthusiastic about it. So not just the "dead fish" thing, but if she's just not into sex at all or only does it as a favor or because she "has to" to "keep" him. 

    He's also really turned off by women who aren't okay with their bodies. You need to be able to let all that crap go to enjoy yourself and your partner. 
  • Well, this was in relation to a female friend who apparently, just laid there like a "dead fish" according to 2 other male friends who btoh broke up with her after they slept together (not in a threesome,2  different relationships).  Err.w/out too many details one of those male friends was a friend with benefits for me, and the issue would not have been him.  ;)

    Good lord, theatre people were a bunch of free lovers, looking back.
  • Baconsmom-YESYES! @ body issues.  If you're worried about your body or how things move or jiggle,  you should probably just refrain from sex.  Bodies were meant to jiggle.
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